Seniors' Health


With increasing age, you may find it is becoming more difficult to move about, and do your daily activities.

Health conditions such as osteoporosis, or arthritis in the hips and knees can cause pain with standing and walking.

Changes in vision, and altered feeling in your feet from diabetes can affect your balance and increase your risk of falling.


How Physio Can Help

Your physiotherapist will complete an assessment that will include:

  • Asking about your health history and physical activity
  • Asking about symptoms such as stiffness in joints with movement
  • Asking about changes in your balance and walking
  • Tests and measures to determine how your body is working
  • Discussing your goals with you

Together you will develop a treatment plan to help you improve your mobility and maintain your fitness. Some of your treatment may include:

  • Tips for reducing stress and strain on your joints
  • Exercises for strengthening your muscles
  • Exercises for your balance and flexibility
  • Education

If you have multiple health conditions, you and your physiotherapist can team up with your physician or other health professionals to optimize your functioning.



Staying active through a variety of physical activity is the best prevention for losing mobility with aging. Walking, hiking, cycling, and aqua-fit are just a few examples to help maintain fitness. Aim for at least 30 minutes of activity most days of the week.