Animal Rehab

What is animal rehabilitation?

Animal rehabilitation involves an in depth education system consisting of anatomy, physiology, common injuries and surgeries, behavioural issues, physical examination and treatment techniques.


Athletic Animals

Canine athletes compete in a multitude of sports in Canada. These amazing animals bring strength, endurance, determination, patience, agility, passion and pure joy to their sports. They also sustain a number of sports injuries! From muscle tears and ligament ruptures, to overuse injuries and turf toe, they require a lot of rehab!


Here are a few canine sports in Canada

·               Agility ·             Dock Diving
·               Flyball ·             Racing
·               Skijourning ·             Search & Rescue
·               Mushing ·             Carting
·               Field Trials ·             Freestyle Dancing
·               Hunting ·             Herding
·               Schutzhund ·             Scent Detection
·               Lure Coursing ·             Tracking

How animal rehabilitation can help

Most human physiotherapy techniques work just as well on animals. Animal physiology and anatomy is very similar to that of humans. Here are sample techniques that cross the species barrier.

  • Joint glides, mobilization and manipulation
  • Mobilization and movement (mulligan technique)
  • Manual traction
  • Acupuncture/Dry needling (IMS)
  • Modalities (EMS, US, Laser, Shockwave)
  • Exercise
  • Heat/Ice
  • Bracing/Splinting
  • Taping/Tensoring
  • Carts (wheelchairs)


Please see our list of Canadian physiotherapists who practice Animal Rehabilitation:

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This content was created by the Animal Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

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