Choose to Move: Kelsey Serwa, 2014 Winner Olympic Silver Medalist

To showcase how physiotherapy changes the lives of British Columbians every day, the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) have highlighted eight inspiring stories of individuals from different areas of the province.

Here is one of them: It is every athlete’s dream to represent their country and receive a medal at the Olympic Games. For elite ski cross champion, Kelsey Serwa, her silver medal win in Sochi almost didn’t happen. Years of intensive training and competing had resulted in severe injuries and a torn knee in 2011. She recovered but ten months prior to the Games, her ACL tore again, and she required surgery.

Following her operation, Kelsey relied on physiotherapy to help get her ready to compete amongst the world’s finest, and the chance to stand proudly on the Olympic podium.

To see all of PABC’s inspiring stories, or to learn more about how physiotherapy can help, watch the rest of the series.

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